InferRead Solution

InferRead CT Lung

Quick and accurate, fully integrated into clinical routines for lung cancer screening

  • Highly sensitive, especially to nodules that are more likely to be missed out, such as solid nodules under 6mm, ground glass nodules, etc.
  • Automatic identification and labeling of nodular lesions of different types, eg. solid, calcified, partial solid or ground glass.
  • Comprehensive and accurate information on nodules, including location, size, density and malign rate.
  • Co-registration and preprocessing of images.
  • Real-time feedback system for continuous optimization and upgrading.

InferRead DR Chest

Reducing missed diagnosis in conventional chest X-ray

  • Identification and labeling of lesions such as nodules, fracture and pneumothorax, etc.
  • Decrease missed diagnosis rate and increase detection rate for lung cancer screening proven by clinical evidences in hospitals after applying InferRead DR Chest.
  • Constantly and iteratively upgrading the model to reduce the occurrence of false positivity and missed diagnosis.

InferRead CT Stroke

Accurate assessment and quick decision for hemorrhagic stroke

  • Locate the bleeding area, accurately measure bleeding volume to determine cerebral palsy.
  • Accurate dynamic and static assessments to fulfill the requirement for a quick decision, saving precious time for stroke patients.
  • Assist the prognosis for patients.

InferRead CT Bone

Efficient and sensitive for fracture detection

  • Designed for various scenarios with a rich variety of labels, capable of diagnosing bone lesion in sternum, rib cage and shoulder blade.
  • Highly sensitive for diagnosing tiny lesions.
  • Quick review of bone lesion, including its position and type.

InferScholar Center

InferScholar Center

Equipped with both software and hardware for a wider application

  • InferScholar Center empowers medical research with deep learning.
  • Physicians with limited coding experiences are able to conduct researches on this platform.
  • Provides deep-learning analytical tools equipped with graphical user interface.